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FamiPlants is a blog that provides easy tips on how to take care of healthy plants. We offer solutions and advice for all your houseplant needs, from picking the perfect plant for your home to troubleshooting common problems.

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I am Cathleen Clemens

About Cathleen Clemens

Hi, I’m Cathleen Clemens, but you can just call me Cat. Welcome to my blog! Here, I write care tips and troubleshooting guides for indoor plants. I’m all about sharing the deets on how to take care of indoor plants, and I’m excited to share my knowledge with you.

Ever since I was a child, I’ve been in love with the peace and prettiness that plants bring into a space. Over the years, I’ve cultivated a green thumb, learning the little details of different plant types. From the tough snake plant to the delicate fern, I’ve cared for them all. Through trial and error, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience that I passionately wish to share with fellow plant lovers.

Knowing every plant has its unique needs, I’ll clue you in on information like how much sunshine they need, how often you should water your plant, or what kind of dirt they like best. At the same time, I also share with you how to prevent pests and other common problems that plant owners often encounter

Join me on this plant journey, as we dig into the world of indoor plants, checking them out and sharing the juicy bits. Let’s turn our spots into plant havens together!

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