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Hydroponic Monstera: The Future of Indoor Plant Cultivation

Hydroponic Monstera

Monstera, the iconic greenery with its awesome fenestrated leaves, has taken the world of indoor gardening by storm. Beloved for their looks awesome and easy to care for, these plants have become a staple in modern interiors. However, the lush beauty of monsteras is not without its challenges, as they are get root rot easily when overwatered. … Read more

Can You Grow Variegated Monstera From Seeds?

Can You Grow Variegated Monstera From Seeds?

Growing your own houseplants can be a fulfilling and aesthetic hobby, and the variegated Monstera deliciosa, with its unique white and green leaves, stands out as a crown jewel in any plant enthusiast’s collection. But with the high price tag that often accompanies these plants in stores, plant lovers may wonder: Can you grow variegated … Read more

Monstera with Holes: Unveiling the Mystery of Fenestration

Monstera with Holes

Monstera plants have got super popular, gracing the pages of design magazines and the corners of the chicest apartments with their cool leaves with holes. This plant, especially the Monstera deliciosa, is not just a pretty face; its distinctive fenestrations are evolutionary marvels. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the enigmatic beauty of the Monstera with … Read more

Where Do Monsteras Grow Naturally? Unveiling the Secret

Where Do Monsteras Grow Naturally?

Monstera deliciosa, affectionately dubbed the Swiss cheese plant, has captured the hearts of indoor gardeners with its emblematic fenestrated foliage. This efancy green buddy not only decorates our living spaces but also holds a secret – a natural habitat that many are unaware of. Join us as we embark on an enlightening voyage to the verdant … Read more

Monstera Trellises: Everything You Need to Know

Monstera Trellises

Monsteras, with their large, iconic fenestrated leaves, have taken the world of home décor by storm. These tropical plants are not just known for their beauty but also for their tendency to grow quite large due to their climbing habit. To keep these plants healthy and integrated into your living spaces, monstera trellises have become … Read more

Split Leaf Philodendron vs Monstera: What’s the Difference?

Split Leaf Philodendron vs Monstera

In the green world of houseplants, Split Leaf Philodendrons and Monsteras are popular plants, gracing many homes with their tropical allure. With their awesome looks and easy to care for, they’re top picks for plant lovers and newbies. But, behind their similar looks, they possess unique characteristics. Before you decide to integrate one of these … Read more

How to Get Rid of Rust Fungus on Monstera

How to Get Rid of Rust Fungus on Monstera

Among the sprawling foliage and majestic split leaves of the monstera plant lies a potential adversary: rust fungus. While the monstera, with its tropical origins and Instagram-worthy aesthetics, this plant has cemented its place in many homes, it’s not impervious to threats. Brown, rust-colored blemishes can tarnish its vibrant leaves, and in more severe cases, … Read more

Monstera Root Rot: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

How to Treat Monstera Root Rot

Monstera plants have surged in popularity as houseplants, mainly because of their unique big, split leaves that can change up any indoor spot into a tropical oasis. They’re pretty easy to care for, making them a top choice for both newbs and experienced plant lovers. However, like all plants, Monsteras have their vulnerabilities, and one … Read more

Why Is My Monstera Growing Sideways? What to do

Monstera Growing Sideways

As a Monstera fan, I’m super familiar with their bright leaves and how they’re simple to care for, making them a favorite part of any plant collection. But it’s pretty usual for some of us to get confused when our Monsteras start growing sideways. Even though this may look unsightly or problematic, don’t worry, I … Read more

Monstera Node vs Aerial Root: What is the difference?

Monstera Node vs Aerial Root

When I first dived into the amazing world of houseplants, I found myself really amazed by one cool plant: the Monstera Deliciosa. The Monstera, with its cool leaves and tropical charm, instantly became my fav. However, I realized there was a lot more to this plant than met the eye. Really interesting were the terms … Read more