Calathea Triostar Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea triostar care

With colorful leaves that strip a path of beauty through your home, the Calathea Triostar is a perfect houseplant for any kind of room. When looked after right, this long-lasting indoor plant will make your day with its amazing leafage and create a vibe that invites chill and peace. To make sure you get the … Read more

Calathea Leopardina Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea leopardina care

Adding a beautiful, tropical Calathea Leopardina to your place is a great pick if you’re after a houseplant that’s easy to look after and makes quite the statement. With its dark green leaves featuring vibrant stripes and awesome red bottoms, it’s the perfect showstopper–not to mention it cleans the air in your home! If you’re … Read more

Calathea White Star Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea white star care

Calathea White Star is a unique and beautiful houseplant with stunning white foliage, making it a popular choice among plant lovers. Commonly known as the “peacock plant” due to its vivid foliage which resembles the colors of peacocks feathers, this stunning beauty has been growing in popularity among the beginner. With our all-in-one guide on … Read more

Calathea Setosa Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea setosa care

This Calathea Setosa is a stunning houseplant that features striking, almost electrical striped leaves. It adds an exotic flair to your home and can really make any room stand out from the crowd! With its cool-looking design on large, glossy green leaves and interesting texture, this plant is definitely one of the most unique house … Read more

Calathea Beauty Star Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea beauty star care

Calatheas Beauty Star is an exotic variety of houseplants enchanting people with their vibrant, striped leaves and bold colors for many years. Their beauty is truly a delight! Native to South and Central America, this exotic-looking plant will add a distinctive flair to your home decor. But, like all tropical plants, they can be tricky … Read more

Calathea Vittata Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea vittata care

One common type of Calathea plants is Calathea vittata. It comes from Brazil in South America and loves thick woods. When looking after your Calathea vittata, there are a few things you gotta know. This plant is a tropical, meaning it loves humidity and warmth. To keep your Calathea looking its best, give these things … Read more

Calathea Freddie Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea freddie care

Calatheas are cool plants that have awesome leafy patterns. One particular variety of Calathea, called Freddie, is pretty eye-catching. Its leaves have a darker shade of zebra stripes and borders and are long and greenish. So whether you’re new to this or have been doing it for years, read on for tips and advice that … Read more

Calathea Rufibarba Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea rufibarba care

Calathea Rufibarba is an awesome plant with colorful leaves and ruffled edges. It adds color and texture to any living space, but it does need the right TLC to thrive. Fortunately, giving it the right mix of moisture, sunlight, and nutrients isn’t tough. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at gardening, the “Calathea Rufibarba … Read more

Calathea Musaica Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea musaica care

Calathea Musaica is a looker that you can grow indoors or outdoors. It’s got colorful leaves that make any room or garden pop. Looking after this plant is a breeze, and it loves bright, indirect sun. Keep on reading to learn more about Calathea Musaica Care: The Complete And Best Guide About Calathea Musaica Calathea … Read more

Calathea Dottie Care: The Complete And Best Guide

calathea dottie care

Every home needs a beauty like the Calathea Dottie. It has stunning and vibrant dark green foliage with dark purple patterns. The most intriguing and distinctive aspect of this popular houseplant, however, may be the striking ring of fuchsia pink that surrounds each leaf, which contrasts beautifully with its deep purple underside. Plus, it’s very … Read more