Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow: Reason and How to Fix

Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow

Seen your Monstera leaves turning yellow? Don’t stress, it’s not just you. Lots of Monstera owners face this, but hey, there’s a way to sort it out. In this blog post, we’re gonna dive into why your Monstera leaves go yellow and how to make ’em green again. So, if your Monstera’s leaves are starting … Read more

How and When to Repot Monstera to keep your plant happy

When to Repot Monstera plant?

Got a Monstera, aka the Swiss Cheese Plant, at home? It’s a good-looking, low-maintenance houseplant that adds a splash of green to any room. Like any other plant, you gotta look after your Monstera to keep it perky. A big part of that is knowing when to repot it. So, let’s talk about how and … Read more

Are Monstera toxic to Cats? Handle when cats eat them

Are Monstera Toxic to Cats?

Cats are cute and cuddly, but they can also be curious and destructive. If you’re a cat owner, you know you gotta keep ’em away from your greenery. They don’t know which plants are okay and as they may not know which plants are safe to eat and which ones could make them sick. So, … Read more

How often to Water Monstera Plant for Optimal Growth

How often to water Monstera?

If you’ve just gotten a Monstera plant as a gift, or you’ve picked one up to spruce up your place, then you might be scratching your head, wondering how often to water Monstera. This isn’t a simple question, since the best watering schedule for Monstera plants can change based on where you live and stuff … Read more