How to attach Monstera to moss pole | Step by Step Guide

Are you starting to notice that your much-loved Monstera plant is growing too tall and beginning to droop? No need to worry – it’s perfectly natural as this large-leafed beauty can grow up to 20ft given optimal conditions. But what can you do if your space is limited? The answer is simple – provide the Monstera with more support in the form of a moss pole! By following these easy steps, we’ll show you how to attach monstera to moss pole.

What type of moss pole do you need for your monstera plant to attach to?

A moss pole is an important part of growing a monstera plant, as it provides the support your plant needs to thrive. When purchasing a moss pole for your monstera plant, the main thing you should consider is its size – it should be slightly larger than the stem of your plant.

To find the right-sized moss pole, start by measuring the height of your plant from the base of its pot to the tip of its tallest vine. Then, measure the circumference of its pot and add 6-8 inches to that number. This will give you a good indication of how large your moss pole needs to be. Once you have the right size, you can use tie wraps or wire to attach it securely to your pot. And if you are using a hanging planter, be sure to tie the moss pole firmly onto the hanger with durable twine.

Additionally, investing in a moss pole with multiple arms allows you to attach more than one stem and encourage branching as your monstera grows. With these simple tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect moss pole for your monstera plant!

For the best results when attaching your Monstera plant to a moss pole, sphagnum moss is the ideal material. This spongy moss helps increase and maintain humidity for your plant, as well as providing a soft surface for it to attach its aerial roots to. You can purchase sphagnum moss in craft stores or online in spools or chunks, and you can also make your own moss pole by wrapping sphagnum moss around a wooden dowel or bamboo stake. 

When tie monstera to the moss pole, moisten the sphagnum moss before adding it to the pole. As the plant grows, you’ll need to replace some of the sphagnum moss on the moss pole as it begins to break down over time. With sphagnum moss, you have a great material to support your monstera plant and help it grow healthy and strong.

use a moss pole for monstera

How to attach Monstera to moss pole?

Attaching Monstera to a moss pole is a great way to add support and structure to your plant as it grows.

To begin, you will need some supplies: 

  • Planter Pot with Moss Pole (I used this large terracotta planter pot)
  • Rocks (I used pea gravel) (I used pea gravel)
  • Potting Soil (I prefer DEN Sustainable Potting Soil or The Sill’s Organic Potting Soil)
  • Screen for sprouts (optional)
  • Plant Tape, Plant Pins, or Twine

Picture of how to tie monstera to a moss pole

Step by step to use a moss pole for monstera:

  1. Start by removing the root ball of Monstera from the current pot. You should plant Monstera in a larger pot because the size of the moss pole occupies a large area of the pot. Use a pot that has a drainage hole (or holes).
  2. If the pot has a sizable drainage hole, you might want to use some garden cloth or sprout screen to cover it to keep pebbles, soil, or plant roots from escaping through the bottom.
  3. Place the moss pole in the pot so that the base of the moss pole is on the bottom of the pot
  4. Fill the pot’s base with rocks to enclose the moss pole’s bottom.
  5. Add some potting mix and lightly compress around the base of the moss pole
  6. Look at the plant’s root ball. Monstera are quick-growing plants that frequently form a solid root ball that may need to be divided to fit around the moss pole’s base.After looking around the base of the tree to find the place that best fits the column, pull the root ball out in a vertical line to the bottom of the root ball.
  7. As the Monstera stands inside the container, wrap the moss pole’s base around the split root ball. Having a second person hold the moss pole during the planting of the root ball makes this process much simpler.
  8. Fill the planter halfway with planting soil. Any neighboring aerial roots should be tucked into the soil. Allow a half-inch to an inch of space around the plant to allow for watering.
  9. Move the Monstera vines carefully around the moss pole. Utilize twine, pins, or plant tape resembling velcro to secure each vine at various spots.
  10. Soak the Moss Pole Monstera completely (including the moss pole). Allow any extra water to drain before setting the planter pot on its saucer.

Caring your monstera after attach monstera to moss pole

Once your moss pole is secured in the pot, it’s time to start caring for your Monstera plant. 

Watering is a important step in caring for any houseplant, and Monstera plants are no exception. To water your Monstera plant, you should aim to keep the soil consistently moist but not soggy. You can use a moisture meter to check the soil for adequate moisture levels. If it feels dry, water your Monstera plant until you can see water coming out of the drainage holes in the pot. 

Furthermore, Monstera plants need plenty of bright indirect sunlight, so place yours near an east- or west-facing window if possible. Make sure to rotate the pot every couple of months to prevent the plant from growing unevenly. 

After tie monstera to a moss pole, place monstera in indirect light

Fertilizing is important for keeping your Monstera healthy, so feed it a high-quality houseplant fertilizer once a month during the spring and summer seasons. During fall and winter, you can cut back on fertilizing to once every two or three months. 

Finally, Monstera plants can occasionally suffer from pests such as spider mites or mealybugs. If you spot any issues with your plant’s leaves, treat it immediately with an insecticidal soap solution to prevent the spread of infestations. Consider also regularly wiping down its leaves with a damp cloth to keep pests away. 

Now that you know how to attach a Monstera to a moss pole,  you can enjoy the benefits of having this beautiful plant in your home. Not only does it look great, but it also purifies the air and is easy to care for. Have you had success attaching your Monstera (or any other plant) to a moss pole? Let Famiplants know in the comments below.

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