Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive? Truth About Price

Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive?

Ever scratched your head and thought, “Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive?” Sure, they’re gorgeous plants and they jazz up any room with a unique pop of green, but is their hard-to-find status the reason for their hefty price tag? Or maybe there’s more happening behind the scenes in the world of houseplant collecting. In … Read more

Monstera Standleyana Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

monstera standleyana care

Monstera Standleyana, a plant you’d find in the tropical forests and swamps of South America, is quickly getting popular as a houseplant because of its one-of-a-kind look and cool leaves. With leaves that look kind of leathery and have deep cuts that make a ‘window’ shape – it’s something really different from your usual green … Read more

Monstera Obliqua Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Obliqua Care

Looking to add one of nature’s coolest and most one-of-a-kind plants to your home? Monstera Obliqua is a houseplant that’s bound to turn heads whenever someone steps into your room. This eye-catching tropical plant comes with its own unique leaves, a full spread of green, and a fascinating backstory. Just get a hold of a … Read more

Monstera Dubia Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Dubia Care

If you’re keen to bring a cool jungle vibe to your place, then Monstera dubia could be your next green friend. With its shiny green leaves and deep root system stretching up to 6 feet, it’ll turn your indoor space into a stunning showpiece that’ll get everyone chatting. In this easy-to-follow guide, we’ll share all … Read more

Monstera Pinnatipartita Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Pinnatipartita care

Monstera pinnatipartita is the go-to plant for anyone looking to add a bold and eye-catching touch to their place! With its awesome leaves that have their own unique split-leaf shapes and beautiful bright green color, it’s easy to see why this colorful beauty has turned into a favorite indoor plant. But being popular means you’ve … Read more

Monstera Lechleriana Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Lechleriana Care

Taking care of Monstera lechleriana and growing it isn’t that tough of a job. Whether you’re gardening inside or out in the yard, looking after Monstera lechleriana can be super rewarding. It’s not just strong and tough, but its cool-looking leaves with dark green lines around deeper shades of green look amazing anywhere – making … Read more

Monstera Thai Constellation Care And Growing Guide

Monstera Thai Constellation Care

The Thai Constellation Monstera is a stunning and unique jungle plant with wicked cool leaves and show-stopping hanging roots. No shocker it’s all the rage lately! Its standout leaves will make your home or work space look super cool. But don’t let its good looks fool ya— Monstera Thai Constellation care ain’t a walk in … Read more

Monstera Minima Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Minima Care

Getting a Monstera Minima for your home is a piece of cake, but taking care of it and helping it grow? That might feel like a real puzzle. But don’t sweat it, this guide’s got your back with loads of tips on how to treat your little Monstera just right. From explaining what kind of … Read more

Monstera Peru Care And Grow: The Ultimate Guide

Monstera Peru Care

Looking after your Monstera Peru is super important if you want your plants to stay healthy and grow as big as they can. In this ultimate guide, I’ll take you from the simple stuff like watering and how much light they need, to the more tricky parts like getting rid of bugs, making sure the … Read more

10 Monstera in the wild with pictures – Where to Find Them

Monstera in the wild

Monstera plants are an incredibly popular houseplant right now, and for good reasons. Not only do they bring a touch of life to any room and boast beautiful, bold foliage make them a great choice for both beginners and experienced plant lovers alike. If you’re looking take your love of Monstera plants outside the home … Read more