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Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive? Truth About Price

Ever scratched your head and thought, “Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive?” Sure, they’re gorgeous plants and they jazz up any room with a unique pop of green, but is their hard-to-find status the reason for their hefty price tag? Or maybe there’s more happening behind the scenes in the world of houseplant collecting. In this blog post, we’re gonna dive deep into everything about variegated monsteras – from what makes them super special and hard to find to tips and tricks for growing your own.

Why are Variegated Monsteras so expensive?

Because of its stand-out looks, the Variegated Monstera, sometimes known as the Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant, is a plant everyone’s crazy about. The Variegated Monstera has random white or yellow spots on its leaves, making it stand out big time compared to the regular green-leaved Monstera. The plant’s cool color is due to a weird and shaky genetic mutation, making it a real challenge to reproduce and grow.

Plus, there’s a giant gap between how many people want a variegated monstera and how many are actually available, which jacks up the price. The plant is a big hit with indoor gardeners and plant geeks, and because it looks so cool, everyone wants it for decorating. Plant shops and nurseries usually only have a few in stock because it’s so hard to grow and propagate the plant, which pumps up the price.

Also worth mentioning is that the Variegated Monstera costs more to grow than your everyday Monstera plant with green leaves. The plant needs extra care and attention to keep it alive because of its genetic instability, which pushes up the cost of growing it. The plant is usually grown in small batches, which cuts down on the supply and jacks up the price even more.

So, to wrap it all up, a bunch of factors, including the rare genetic mutation, high demand, and the difficulty of growing and propagating monstera, all contribute to the Variegated Monstera’s hefty price tag. However, for those ready to shell out the cash, the Variegated Monstera can be a really cool and unique addition to their indoor garden.

Beautiful variegated monstera

Reason 1: Unique appearance due to rare genetic mutation

This type of monstera is a super rare plant because of its odd coloring and patterns, and it takes nurseries a bunch of time and elbow grease to grow them. Variegated Monsteras need the same care as other monstera types, but they need a little extra TLC since their colors make them easy targets for burning and scorching.

Due to how rare they are and the care it takes to grow Variegated Monsteras, they can sometimes cost thousands of bucks each.

Monstera holland variegata

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Reason 2: High demand and limited supply

A ton of demand and not a lot of supply are the main things making the price of these rare plants skyrocket. As a result, Variegated Monsteras can cost hundreds or even thousands of bucks – way more than a regular Monstera plant. High demand also means that there’s often a waitlist for these plants, as they can be hard to get hold of. All this makes snagging one of these rare beauties super tough and pricey. Despite the high cost, many plant lovers are ready to shell out big bucks to get a Variegated Monstera for their collection.

Reason 3: Tricky to grow and reproduce

Growing more of this plant is a slow process, takes a lot of work, and often doesn’t go as planned; add to this the fact that they take ages to fully grow, this makes them hard to find and therefore expensive. Plus, the pattern of variegation in each leaf is unique, meaning each Variegated Monstera is a one-of-a-kind. With all these things combined, it’s no surprise why everyone wants this beautiful houseplant so badly and why they can cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

variegated monstera albo Propagation

Reason 4: Often grown in small batches, further limiting supply and driving up price

Sadly, these plants are usually pretty pricey due to not having many around. They take a ton of time and work to grow, so they’re often grown in small batches which messes with how many people want the plants. This cuts down on how many are up for grabs and directly affects the price, making it higher.

Reason 5: Costs of shipping and looking after them because they’re so fragile

The cost of getting these delicate plants from A to B is one of the main reasons they’re so pricey. Just the shipping can cost a lot because they need special care when they’re on the move, like being packed in special materials, extra padding and keeping the climate just right. On top of the shipping cost, there are also extra costs that come with looking after variegated Monsteras which include checking them over when they arrive, unboxing, repacking and replanting. All these costs add up quickly and play a part in why these gorgeous plants are so expensive.


Variegated Monsteras are pricey plants because of their rare genetic fluke, lots of demand, the difficulty of growing and reproducing the plant, shipping and looking after them, and not having many available. Despite this, lots of people reckon they’re worth the extra cash because they can really make their indoor garden stand out. If you’re cool with the high price tag, you can add a one-of-a-kind variegated Monstera to your collection and enjoy its beauty at home. Check out FamiPlants for more info about how to look after Variegated Monsteras and where to buy them.

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