When to move Monstera from water to soil: Comprehensive Guide

You dig plants? Well, if you’ve got a thing for indoor greenery, your favorite might just be that swanky Monstera. Now, no matter how much of a green thumb you have, shifting your Monstera buddy from water to soil can be a head-scratcher. Feels like you’re in the deep end, huh? But chill out! We’ve got you covered. Here’s the lowdown on how and when to move monstera from water to soil. And before you know it, you’ll be watching that awesome leafage reach for the skies each season!

When to move monstera from water to soil?

Monsteras are cool plants that can do well both in water and soil, but their usual way is to be “rooted in the earth”. While they can start their life in water, there will come a time when they tell you they’re ready for a more down-to-earth home. Here’s how to figure out when your water-loving Monstera is itching for the soil:

  • Root Growth: One of the main clues is the roots. If your Monstera’s roots are not only touching the water’s surface but also reaching out into the air, it’s a big hint that it’s ready for a change. Generally, strong roots that are 3-6 inches long and spreading out means it’s time to transplant.
  • Monstera Yellowing Leaves: A Monstera with yellow leaves could mean it’s not getting enough food. The water might not be giving all the goodies anymore, suggesting that a shift to “nutrient-rich soil” would be a good idea.
  • Monstera Slower Growth: A slow-growing Monstera, especially one that’s been chilling in water for a while, might be wanting those “abundant nutrients” from the soil. If you’ve seen little growth over time, it might be saying it’s time to move.
  • Duration in Water: While the signs above are super important, think about how long your Monstera has been in the water. Usually, hanging out in water for 2-3 months is enough for the plant to have strong roots.
Monstera Root Grow

How to transfer monstera from water to soil?

There’s this thing called “transplanting,” which is one way of moving your Monstera from water to soil. This means lifting the plant from its watery home and popping it into a soil one. Here’s how you do it:

Transferring Monstera from water to soil

1. Pot and Soil Preparation

Grab a pot a bit bigger than the roots. Make sure it has good drainage to prevent waterlogging.
I combine indoor plant potting mix and perlite in a 2:1 ratio for the soil mix. This mixture promotes excellent drainage, ensuring your water-acclimated Monstera roots can breathe comfortably in their new environment.

2. Removal from Water

Gently extract the Monstera from its water jar. Be mindful of its roots to minimize any potential damage.
Wash the roots with some clean, lukewarm water to wash away any residue or potential contaminants from their previous aquatic home.

3. Planting

Pour enough of your prepared soil mixture into the pot to fill it about halfway.

Position the Monstera on top of the soil. If you have a pole or stake for your Monstera, place it alongside the plant at this stage. This avoids the need to stake the plant later, which could potentially damage its roots.

Continue filling the pot with your soil mix, periodically shaking the plant gently. This shaking technique helps the soil settle in between the roots, ensuring good soil-root contact, which is super important for proper establishment.

Ensure you don’t overpack the soil. The roots need room to breathe and grow.

4. Watering

Once planted, water your Monstera generously, allowing water to drain out from the bottom of the pot. This will help the roots establish a connection with their new environment.

5. Placement

Place your Monstera in a spot where it receives bright, indirect sunlight. Keep it out of strong sun for a bit since the sun’s tough on leaves.

Tip: Shaking the plant a bit when planting helps get the soil in between the roots, which helps the roots settle faster.

Don’t forget to monitor your Monstera’s health and growth after you move it to the soil. It may take some time for it to adjust, but it will thrive in its new home with proper care.

Once you’ve switched your Monstera from water to soil, it’s key that you keep tabs on your green friend and check it’s doing alright. With its new digs in soil, your Monstera’s gonna need a bit more TLC than when it was chilling in water, thanks to all the extra nutrients it’s getting. Keep an eye on how much sun and water it’s getting, and tweak as you need. Give it the right attention, and your Monstera will be living its best life in its new pad, giving you lush greenery for years. Happy digging!

Now that you know when to move monstera from water to soil, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get cracking! Following these steps gives your Monstera the best shot at acing its new environment. When dealing with Monsteras, it’s all about planning and playing the waiting game! Best of luck!

For more deets on taking care of your Monstera, swing by FamiPlants for some top-notch advice. Our crew’s always here to help you make the most of your leafy buddies. Happy growing!

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